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Infiniti Golf – The Best Fit for Your Game

Infiniti Golf has been in the business of designing and manufacturing custom fit golf club products since 1987. They have a strong commitment to you being correctly fit because they know that being fit properly will unlock your natural potential and allow you to play your best golf.

Infiniti designs professional tour quality, original design club heads using a strict quality standard. Infiniti uses the same foundries as many of the larger companies you are familiar with. To insure quality standards Infiniti Golf uses their own staff members, metallurgists and engineers to supervise overseas production.

Over the years, Infiniti clubs have been played on all professional tours including the PGA TOUR, Nationwide Tour, LPGA, Canadian Tour and the Grand Strand Golf Tour. Infiniti uses the wins and the experience as building blocks to produce the best custom club products they can possibly make.

The Infiniti Philosophy
Infiniti Golf was founded in 1987 with the mission to deliver the highest quality custom-fit products at the best value. Infiniti Golf is committed to producing innovative designs that improve the enjoyment of golfers of all skill levels. The Infiniti Golf professional golf players, and the Infiniti Golf I-team professional fitters have decades of experience and is an integral part of the Infiniti family. Infiniti Golf is a small, quality company responsive to the wishes of golfers around the world. I am proud to be a part of the Infiniti family of I-team professional fitters.

When you buy an Infiniti Golf club from me, you are buying a club, you are buying my commitment, and you are buying a company dedicated to the highest quality golf experience possible. So, when you come for a fitting and I tell  you that an Infiniti Golf club is The Best Fit for Your Game, it's not just a slogan it's my commitment from me to you and Infiniti's commitment to you and me.

Drivers & Fairway

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Hybrids & Wedges

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