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My Brands are played on Professional Tours around the World. 

By providing you with the finest brands I can find I can help you play better golf and lower your scores so you enjoy the game more. 

... and I build a better golf club than any mass produced golf club you can buy. 



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How Cutom Club Fitting will help you play better Golf
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Why do you need custom fitted golf clubs?    

• A scratch golfer hits an average of about 12 greens in regulation, about 81% of the fairways, and has about 29.0 putts, 3.2 birdies per round and 11.8 pars per round.
• A golfer that averages a score of 85 hits 5 greens in regulation, 46% of fairways, has 33.7 total putts, 0.8 birdies per round, and 6.6 pars.
• A golfer that averages a score of 100 hits 0 greens in regulation, 11% of fairways, has 38.3 putts, 0 birdies, and 1.3 pars.
• The biggest differences are greens in regulation, fairways and putts. In other words, everything! 
• The easiest shots to shave off your score are found in the short game. Chipping, pitching, and putting don't require tremendous swing speed or physical ability. Plus, they can be practiced in your back yard or living room. 
• Having a reliable tee shot that lands in the fairway is important as well. Finding the short grass off the tee is much more important than distance, especially for high handicappers. 


I can have you putting & chipping better, hitting more fairways and hitting more greens by fitting all of the clubs in your bag to your swing and athletic ability and showing you a few basic techniques for ball position, stance, chipping and putting. I have been a golf professional for over 40 years after having an excellent amateur record playing high school and college golf. I completed the PGA Business School in 1968 and my swing coach in school was Bob Toski. I will not only fit your golf equipment to your swing but I will also help you improve in several areas that will help you lower your scores almost immediately.  

I have a complete State of the Art Fitting Studio and teaching facility and I have over 15,000 head design and shaft combinations to use for testing you during your fitting. I use a FlightScope 3D Doppler Golf Radar, Ball Tracking & Launch Monitor to measure every aspect of your swing and record the data.


During your fitting I measure and analyze you for

  • Club Speed
  • Ball Speed
  • Swing Path
  • Swing Plane
  • Face Angle
  • Spin
  • Angle of Attack
  • and many, many more things too numerous to list


By using removable connections on shafts and heads I can make changes to your golf club during testing and measure exactly how the weight, length, flex, flex profile, head design, head weight, balance point and other factors change your ability to hit better golf shots.

By making changes to your clubs make up during testing we can find exactly what combination of head design, head weight, shaft design, shaft weight, shaft flex profile and length works best for you and your swing.

Although it is the exception, not the rule, it is not uncommon for golfers to add considerable distance to their golf shots with correctly fitted clubs. But! More importantly you will gain accuracy and consistency in every phase of your golf game. 

Lowering golf scores is not about how well you hit your best shots, it is about how well you hit your worst shots. We all know where our best shots go and they are not the problem. We all know there are too few best shots in our games and too many of the worst shots.

So why don't we analyze how bad your worst shots are and how bad is your average shots are and make them more like the best shots?


  • If your worst tee shots are in the trees, in the water, or out of bounds and you can convert those to in the rough, or in the fairway,
  • If your worst iron shots are in the rough or in the trap or sometimes on the green and you can convert them to in the fringe, on the green, or tight to the pin, how much better would you play?
  • If you can get your misses close enough to chip up and one putt and your good shots close enough to sink the putt, how much better would you play?
  • If you had the right clubs in your bag to cover every distance between your longest tee shots to the shortest iron in the bag, would you play better?
  • If you had the right clubs in your bag so you can hit every club with confidence rather than having a few you never pull out, would you play better?
  • If your wedges were designed to hit the shots out of the lies you have on your course with confidence, and get it close enough to sink the putt, would you play better?
  • If you were fitted for a putter that felt good, and eliminated 3 putts and you felt confident you could sink all the short ones when you got them, would you play better? 

If all of that sounds good, please contact me and see if we can make that happen for you. That is what I do!


   Fitting Studio and Shop







My Quality assurance to you:

Today virtually all golf club heads are produced in Asia. Most of them are produced in China. We understand that there are only a small number of forging plants and casting plants that produce the vast majority of the heads for the well know name brands you are familiar with. The brands I use and sell are also produced in some of the same forging plants and casting plants right beside the famous name brands you know about. It is not uncommon to see the heads of a number of the famous brands side by side in the same foundries because all of a companies heads are not always produced in the same place. If demand is high enough they may be sent to more than on place to be produced to meet demand. These are the brands you buy in the Big Box Stores and Golf Shops across the Nation and see advertised heavily on TV and in Golf Publications. Many of the heads I use are manufactured in these very same foundries and casting plants, but with a lower tolerance for errors in weight, loft, lie and groove depth and consistency. The heads I use have tighter tolerances in every aspect of measurment and are designed by some of the best designers in the world.

Many of the heads I use have  been listed in Golf Digest Hot List and many of them are played on Professional Tours around the world every day. I assure you that you are not sacrificing in quality with the clubs I build for you, you are getting a higher quality product than any mass produced golf club you can buy on the open market.

If you wish to discuss a set of clubs or a fitting, or you are not comfortable using the shopping carft to make a purchase, please feel free to use our contact page (click on this sentence) to contact me directly


Construction Quality of Our Clubs

I do not mass produce my golf clubs. All of my clubs are built by me using the most advanced techniques to insure consistency and maximum performance throughout the set. I use flex matching techniques and performance enhancements for shafts taught by Association of Golf Clubfitting Professional Masters of Golf Club Technology to assure that my clubs play as near as possible to preferctly made products as humanly possible. It takes up to 6 to 8 hours to build each set of clubs and to process the shafts and heads and adjust each club for the weight, flex and balance so that each club in the set is matched to the other clubs in the set. I do not build my custom clubs by factory specifications, I exceed factory standards by a wide margin to increase the preformance of your golf clubs. My building methods insure you get more precise and more consistent golf shots throughout the set. 

I will build you custom clubs to order or help you fit them. You can fill out our internet form, we can email you a custom fitting questionaire, you can call us on the phone or you can make an appointment for a personal visit. Email me at or call me at 762-821-3148 for more information about your options.


Contact me about:

  • Club Fitting
  • Custom Drivers
  • Custom Fairways
  • Custom Hybrids
  • Custom Iron Sets
  • Custom Wedges
  • Custom Putters

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