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Please note: I have mostly retired from custom fitting on site I will still help golfers with their clubs via my fitting form and consultation by email and phone. On site fittings will be rare and only as long as my FlightScope swing analyzer continues to be servicable. Please send me an email at if you want custom fitted clubs and i will work with your if possible.

Although most golfers can be fitted in one visit, the Full Bag Fitting may take more than one visit to complete for some golfers. This is particularly true duing the hot summer months because we are outdoors in the sun. Usually this will happen with older golfers or golfers who are not athletic enough to hit the required number of test shots in one visit. How many test shots we hit will depend on how much time is required for each phase of your game. Driver, irons, fairways, hybrids, wedges, and putter. Each of these phases may or may not take quite some time and some golfers cannot endure a complete fitting if all phases of their game require a full examination under the summer sun.

Since I closed my retail location all fittings are now done outside in the sun, and my time is limited. I am usually in the shop on Tuesdays and Thursdays from late morning until a little after midday unless I have an appointment. I am seldom around the phone to answer calls but if you will email me I can call you. Email me at:

Please contact me about your appointment date prior to paying for your fitting. I closed my retail store because I can no longer work full time and could not be at the store every day. Because of some of my health issues there are days when I cannot conduct a fitting. Most of the time I'm fine and I do not know when a bad day will occur. For this reason I may contact you at the last minute and have to reschedule our appointment. However for this same reason and because I will be sending you a book to read and a fitting form to fill in that I will examine prior to you coming here reservation fees are non-returnable and non-fundable once they are paid.

Once a date has been agreed upon you have to confirm the date with your payment.  If you miss your assigned appointment date without prior notice to reschedule you will be charged another reservation fee to make another appointment. I will work with you to find a compatible date if you have to reschedule. Rescheduled appointments have to be for a very important reason because I do not make a lot of appointments and restrict the number of fitting I do now. A missed appointment date means somone else could have been here other than you. If you have a ligitimate reason and call far enough in advance so I can move somone on my waiting list into your date I will reschedule for you.

  • Roy Nix - 2011 selected by Golf Digest Magazine as one of America's Best 100 Clubfiters
  • a golf professional for over 40 years, attended PGA School in 1968.
  • started his clubfitting business in 2002 in Columbus Georgia
  • 2009 - recognized as an AGCP Master of Golf Club Technology, or Master Clubfitter
  • In 2012 Roy is semi retired and only accepts a limited number of fittings

To book a fitting appointment email Roy at 

...or call 762-821-3148 the direct line to the fitting studio, and leave a message. I will contact you with the first available date. Please leave both your phone number and your email address if you call and repeat them twice each to be sure I hear them correctly. I will contact you as soon as possible either by phone or by email. Email is usually easier and I prefer email to phone calls but I try and call.

Please note, it is not unusual to have to wait 2 or 3 or more for an appointment. I will book a maximum of only 2 fittings per week to allow adequate time to build your clubs after the fitting. 

Information about custom fittings:

  • The fitting fee is $125 per hour
  • A $250 deposit is required to secure an appointment (- this fee is non refundable)  and pays for the first 2 hours of your fitting. Additional fitting time will be paid for at the conclusion of each first session.
  • If you fail to make your appointment on time an additional deposit will be required to secure another date.
  • Most fittings require approximately 3 to 5 hours to complete and the deposit pays for the first 2 hours of the fitting only. Some fittings may take less time and some may take more time. Fitting time varies from golfer to golfer depending on a number of factors.
  • If you cannot complete the fitting in one session, additional sessions may be required. You may be hitting from 50 to 100 golf balls during your fitting session and you need to be in shape or your fitting may require more than one trip to complete. Some golfers cannot complete both the iron fitting wood fitting before becoming too tired to get good data. If you are coming from out of town and cannot come back for additional sessions I will try to condense some testing to complete the fitting in one trip but cannot guarantee the best results if this is done. Usually this is not necessary but sometime it is unavoidable.
  • If you purchase a set of irons it is preferred that you pick up your irons in person so that lies and lofts can be dynamically tested and fitted for correct angles and distance gapping, we will ship if you prefer and interpret lie angles and loft settings from your data.
  • You will be tested using a FlightScope Doppler Radar swing analyzer and using as many of our 300 plus test shafts and 150 plus test heads as needed to find a best fit for your swing.
  • You will need to bring your clubs so that we can hit your 5 iron and your driver to obtain baseline data about your swing before testing to find the best head and shaft combination for your golf swing, ability and athleticism. Your clubs also have clues about your golf swing and golf game that may assist in fitting your correctly.
  • I will test you with all options needed to improve your performance based on your present equipment. Testing will be done with designs that have proven performance over years of testing with golfers or all abilities. There is usually no need to build test clubs because of the fitting system I use. Test clubs will be virtually identical to the final product you receive. If effect you will be hitting the test clubs other fitters may have to build for you during your fitting.
  • Most golfers will see a dramatic improvement in performance from their existing set. More distance, greater accuracy, more consistent solid hits are usually achieved, but are not all guaranteed. You will see the results as we progress through the fitting process.
  • Most golfers will achieve most of, if not all of the following from their new clubs: longer tee shots, longer irons shots, more fairways hit, more greens hit in regulation, iron shots cloer to the pin, fewer 3 putts, and more 1 putts, which usually result in lower scores over time.
  • Based on test data and your swing, age, game, ability I will select the right clubs to include in your set for your best golf game. You set make up may be the most important achievement while you are here to improve the quality of your game.
  • I will buid you a new set of clubs that matches the test clubs you hit that gives you the best performance regardless of the name on the club or name on the shaft used.
  • My fittings are strictly based on performance, not your personal preference for brand names or my personal preference for any given brand.
  • Be sure your game and swing are in peak condition before arriving for your fitting so we get good data and fit you properly. 
  • Water will be provided and I usually have Gatorade on hand also but if you need a pick me up snack for energy please bring it with you.
  • Please be prepared to turn your cell phone off during the fitting so you are not interrupted during the fitting.

Purchasing Golf Clubs custom made to your specifications, based on your testing data is recommended. Due to the fact that we do not know prior to your testing what head design, lofts or lies, shafts or grips, nor how many of what kind of clubs you will require to play your best game we cannot estimate a price for your clubs and we cannot know if your existing clubs will work for your game. Since one of the primary objects of the fitting is to determine just what clubs you need in your bag to play your best golf we do not know if you have the right mix of clubs in your bag now or not.

Some things we know from experience and years of testings hundreds of golfers:

  • Head design is critical to best performance - you will see during your testing that changing the iron head or the wood head and using the same shaft can change how well you hit the golf ball. The head design can make a significant difference in your performance. Where the center of gravity on the head is, how the weight is distributed in the head, and the look of the club at address are all critical to how well the design plays for you.
  • Shaft Length is critical to best performance - The length of your club will be a key factor to determine if you hit the ball in the center of the clubface and where on the clubface you strike the ball will determine how far the ball goes and how consistently you hit good shots.
  • Shaft Weight is critical to best performance - Shaft weight not only helps determine how fast you an swing the club but also can help determine if you swing on plane and along with head weight can determine if your clubface is open or closed at impact. This is critical to where you hit the ball and how it curves in flight.
  • Shaft flex and profile are critical to performance - Depending on how fast you swing the club, how quick your tempo is, and how late you release your hands during the swing will help determine the flex profile or your shaft from butt section, to mid section to tip section to allow for your maximum performance.

For these reasons and more we use a performance based fitting system with interchangeable heads and shafts to test different configurations on you during the fitting. We test for overall performance and consistent center face hits, consistent distance control, consistent dispersion control, maximum swing speed for maximum distance. We know that with the C.O.R. in drivers being .830 and the limitations on golf balls we can use physics to tell us how far per mile per hour of swing speed your Maximum Potential Carry Distance is. For example for a given golfer swinging 100 mph if their swing is good, their set up is good and they make contact in the center of the face with the correct loft, etc. the MPCD should be approximately 250 yards. We will attempt to achive this during the golfers fitting by finding the right combination of head and shaft for him. We have similar calculations for irons and do the same. 

Over the years after testing many, many head designs we have settled on a small selection of designers and manufacturers who meet our requirements for quality at a reasonable prices to use for our custom fitted golf clubs. We guarantee our heads and assure that they are among the best produced anywhere in the world. Many are produced in some of the same foundries the Nationally advertised brands are produced in and meet or exceed quality standards of those well known heads.

Although we build to a much higher standard than mass produced assembly line clubs we are able to keep the prices down on our hand crafted, custom designed and custom built clubs, because we do not advertise like they do, and we can remain reasonably competitive with the brands you are accustomed to seeing in golf shops around the world with our superior product.

Prices will vary depending on the particular heads and shafts you test best with. Retail prices on shafts can vary from $16 each for some steel iron shafts to $1,000 each for some graphite wood shafts. Individual clubs can vary from about $90 per iron with steel shafts to over $1,250 for a Driver with a graphite shaft, or anywhere in between. We are often asked how much our clubs cost but there are so many variables we cannot give an accurate estimate until after the testing. The best we can tell you is they are competitive with the name brands in Pro Shops and pricing on similar clubs will be similar. Sometimes maybe a bit less and sometimes maybe a bit more.

Custom clubs are not mass produced as each is matched to the others. Custom clubs can take up to one hour each to build properly, please allow up to 3 weeks to build your custom set to allow adequate time to order your custom heads and shafts and assemble them to match your swing. Prices for custom clubs range from about $85 per iron to over $250 per iron depending on the head and shaft used, my drivers start around $300 each also depending on head and shaft used. Fairways, Hybrids, wedges and putters are proportionally priced accordingly. The cost of a full bag would start at around $1200 minimum plus fitting fees. Sometimes a full bag may be fewer than 14 clubs allow by the USGA. Older golfers who have lost significand distance seldome need all of the clubs allowed due to distance gapping. 

Note: All fitting fees are based on $125 per hour rates and the $250 here only covers the 2 hours if the fitting requires more than 1 hour to complete. $250 is the minimal fee but most full fittings take several hours to complete depending on how comprehensive the separate phases of the fitting become. Some fitting require a second visit to complete due to fatique. Please be prepared to hit up to 100 golf balls and be here for 3 to 5 hours or longer if you have to complete the fitting in one trip.

I look forward to helping hit higher quality golf shots and playing a better game of golf. Most of my customer enjoy their golf much more with their new clubs. I hope you become one of them. 

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Roy Nix

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